Finding Your Tribe

Finding Your Tribe:It’s Not Good for Artists to Always Be Alone

Has anyone ever told you, “You just need to find your tribe.”?   I have heard that.  After all, like anyone else, we are trying to figure out where we fit in, discover our voice, our style, our ways and the why.

I have also been counseled that I need to reach out and connect with other artists, entrepreneurs, business’ and so on.   It is easy to find yourself trying to do it all by yourself.  We were not meant to operate like that.

It’s nice when I have some time to begin to piece together how I might accomplish a project.  How I might arrange and rearrange my time.  But it is a struggle. And it is encouraging to finally find some like-minded people who have been through that and hear how they got through it and how they are doing now.

I am an artist who is also a Christian.  My faith is a huge part of what inspires the subject of my art and life.   Right now I am reading a book by Christ Otto called Bezelel.  Bezelel was a Spirit-filled artist in Bible history who was called upon by God to build the Ark of the Covenant as well as the Tabernacle. Another individual by the name of Oholiab came alongside

him.  The community of people helped in bringing materials.  You can read about in the book of Exodus.

In the book, Otto speaks of the importance of the tribe.  I know a little bit about my own family heritage.  But I also know that as a Christian, I am part of another tribe...the family of God.  I consider myself to only just discovered all this material written by other Christian artists, such as Christ Otto and Matt Tommey.  All this helps me to understand from what direction and reason I move forward as an artist.  It is also in my mission statement.

In a post by Shelly Bullard, (mind body green ) just speaking in general about how to go about finding your tribe, she gives three steps.  One is to ask yourself what is blocking you from your community.  Second is to ask yourself what you want and be specific.  Three is to surrender.  She says the third part may or may not be difficult for you depending on the type of person you are.  That last part takes some faith.

I think for myself, one of the things I struggle with is speaking up for myself when I am not happy with a situation.  So, instead of saying something and allowing time to get to a better place, I allow myself to get into a spiritual or emotional depression and lie to myself that it will never change.

It’s such a unique but fitting way to explain for me how I fit into the bigger picture.  And maybe that is why finding your tribe is important.  We are all supposed to be, after all, part of the bigger picture, within our communities.   What do you think?  Have you found your tribe?


Yours truly,

Sharon Olvera


Redeemed Heritage  (Isaiah 43:1)