My Mission.....

My mission is to serve God and express my faith through my art in order to share my personal walk with the Lord and encourage fellow believers in this ever-changing world.

My Story.....

I worked for a priest a number of years ago and we would have some interesting conversations.  One of those conversations regarded what my true calling might be.

I had worked as a church secretary for a few years and while I had the desire to serve and work in some faith-based capacity, it was dawning on me that my then current position was not illuminating my best.  While at the time it had not yet been pinpointed, it was decided that my best work was outside the church -- out in the world so to speak.  Further I had a dream one night in which I was told that I am a Creative. 

Arts and crafts have been a part of my life in one shape or another, but it wasn't until 2014 I started to think of myself as an artist.  Being an introvert I found my path in different ways.  There is a more "practical" side of me which has always dictated that I hold onto a 'day job' even as I now pursue an art life.  It was working through some problems to which my art was first a form of therapy.  But as things started getting better, I continued doing art. 

Eventually it dawned on me, along with confirmations from others in my life, that as a Christian, I possess the spiritual gift of craftsmanship.  This is a gift only mentioned in the Old Testament, not among the commonly listed gifts in the New Testament of the Scriptures.  Specifically in the book of Exodus it says, "And he has filled him with the Spirit of God with skill, with intelligence, with knowledge, and with all craftsmanship, to devise artistic designs, to work in gold and silver and bronze...Exodus 35:31-32.  All believers have at least one spiritual gift and this one is mine.

Working on an artwork is also a meditative experience for me because in being able to connect it with scripture verses, I realized it was one way in which the Lord was speaking to me.

I have been a Christian since childhood.  Understanding that my abilities, while something I was naturally born with, has become a spiritual gift, I also must also share with others what God has given to me.

Choosing art is a very personal thing, just as creating it is.  It is my hope that living in such a visual world, through it, fellow believers and seekers will discover and hear for themselves what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Yours truly,